Friday, August 21, 2009


severe, economy crisis which has occured in 1998 has effected many countries badly. These included the industrial countries such as US, RUSSIA, and JAPAN. After the incident, our country, Malaysia took a long time to stabilize the economy. Despite these problems, students in malaysia nowadays are not aware of the effects when they tend to spend money without helitating. These has caused many financial problem to occur among students. Due to culture shock, students become more excited about the new university life, that they tend to explore without any boundaries. Today, i like to discuss about financial problem among the srudents especially in univercities. From my opinion, i think one of the reason why students have financial problem is because of their lifestyle. So, what do you think? (by sila)

food price causes the financial problem

Almost all university students opt to take food at outside such as fast food (PIZZA HUT, KFC, MCD) and restaurants, because food in their cafeteria not worth it. food in cafeteria tend to be expensive and don't have quality. Food poisoning are common among students in these day as the cafeteria does't emphasize cleanliness. beside that, student are not allowed to cook in their hostel, so they rather buy food from outside even though it's more expensive. (by anne)

college fee causes financial problem among student

as a university student, we have to faced many problem. One of the most common problem is difficulty in paying college fees. Some of the students did not get any loan or scholarship, so they have to depend on their they parents. For those who came from poor background they are forced to work to gain extra money to pay their fee. For students who are not able to balance between work and academic, this will definitely effect their studies. it will eventually cause their CGPA to drop and for more serious cases being expel from university. (by anne)


based on the statement mentioned above, there are many problems faced by the students. They can't take it slightly about this problems. They still have to find solution so that they won't regret in future. students also must take an example of other effected students who had gone thru money problem as a lesson. In conclusion, students must have ability to plan their spendings to avoid financial problems from occuring. (shila says)